Unpleasant Cabin Smells

New Car scent

Have you noticed how your new car has that lovely scent that tells everyone your car is new? Have you ever wondered what those new smells are?

The scent that new cars come with is the manufacturing materials and processes used to produce it seeping into the air. We are talking about automotive adhesives, leather / fabric finishes, polishes, coatings and polymers used to produce carpeting and interior trim, from dashboards to seat foam. Most, if not all, would be banned from being in food. Inhaling them is just another way of introducing these contaminants into your body.

With Relax & Breathe, these contaminants are removed from the breathable air space in your car, helping you to enjoy your new car purchase reducing the negative side effects of inhaled chemical imbalance.


Used Car Scent

Used car scent is that smell that can only come with age. It tends to be the compound buildup of daily use over many years. Years of dirt, fungal spores, bacteria and other contaminants being introduced to the cabin without being properly cleaned. Food / drink spills, water damage from the occasional leak / opened window and toxins like particles of industrial waste / animal excrement trodden into the car – all these contribute to that ‘old car smell’.

Typically, we seek to conceal the smell by overpowering it with a more agreeable scent using air fresheners. While this can be more pleasant to the senses, it is not the healthy option. The old car smell, aside from being a potential assault on the nose can also be an assault on the body. Food, drink, water damage and animal waste all contribute to fungal spores and bacteria that can gradually rob you of your quality of life, assisting illnesses you’d rather avoid. Many air fresheners only add additional chemicals into the mix that put further strain on your system.

By contrast, Relax & Breathe actually prevents these spores from becoming airborne. This reduces their means of access to your system to direct contact only – i.e. dropping a sweet on the floor, picking it up off the floor and popping it straight into the mouth. No more can they (and the parasites some carry) enjoy free access to your system using the air you breathe.

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