Car Pooling

Car pooling is one way the government is seeking to reduce the traffic fumes outside your car. It achieves this by replacing several half empty cars going similar routes with one full car. The reduction in traffic levels reduces congestion and exhaust emissions. However, car pooling is not without its complications.

Just as a defense is only as strong as its weakest point, so it can be considered the health of a car full of car poolers only as strong as the health of the weakest member. Through that member it is possible to introduce infectious illnesses into the air, which are then inhaled by the other car poolers. The infectious illness is then introduced to their system, leaving it up to their individual immune systems to defend their bodies from it.

With Relax & Breathe in regular use, airborne health risks resulting from airborne germs and viruses can be greatly reduced due to their being removed from the air, so they cannot be normally inhaled. You’ll also enjoy cleaner, healthier allergen free air, making everyone’s journey much more comfortable.

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