Hay fever & Allergic Rhinitis

No more driving, risking the dangers of summer. With Relax & Breathe you can remove airborne allergens from your car cabin, allowing you to drive happily and safely, as you should.

No more streaming eyes, running noses or uncontrollable sneezing fits! Just a big smile on your face as you enjoy clean, fresh air in places where people usually don’t.

Relax & Breathe has been laboratory proven to gently clear the air in your car cabin of even the most stubborn airborne contaminants, so lesser ones like dust, animal hairs and pollen are effortlessly removed from your breathing space.

Simply power your unit from your cigarette lighter, give it time to work and wait as the air becomes gradually free of the contaminants you like least. Once the air is clear, set your air conditioning to circulate, keep your windows up and enjoy motoring, occasionally allowing new air into the cabin to maintain healthy oxygen levels.

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