User Instructions

Like most of mankind's greatest innovations, Relax & Breathe accomplishes so much by replicating nature.

Relax & Breathe literally helps the air to release its contaminants to create air quality like that normally enjoyed before the industrial revolution or in the forest, after the rain has cleansed the air. Relax & Breathe brings this quality of clean air to your car cabin.

How to use your unit?

Using Relax & Breathe couldn't be simpler.

  1. Remove your Relax & Breathe unit from its packaging.
  2. Turn on your car to ensure power to the cigarette lighter (in some cars this may not be necessary).
  3. Insert your unit into the cigarette lighter of your car and watch for the soothing, blue light* to come on! Cleaner air will follow shortly as Relax & Breathe gently cleans the air.
  4. If your car has a cigarette lighter that works even when your car is turned off or if you will leave your car parked for more than a few days, please unplug the unit when leaving the car to prevent unnecessary strain on the battery.
  5. If the blue light does not turn on immediately, please check that the cigarette lighter works and that the unit's two contact points have made contact with the cigarette lighter's power source. Then refer to step 3, above.

Relax & Breathe is effective for use in areas up to a maximum of 15m³ in size.

*1) Do not look directly into the light emitted from the unit's core.

Remember: Relax & Breathe is an electronic product. Do not drop / throw / put it in contact with liquids etc. or allow children to play with it. Use only as instructed (above).

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