Lowered Immune System

Your immune system helps to protect you from germs, viruses and other things that can infect your body. If you have a lowered immune system, your bodily defences are not as strong as they should be. This means you need to take extra care and precautions to be as healthy as those with a healthy immune system.

Relax & Breathe can help you in the way that few other products can. It offers a pharma free solution to helping prevent you contracting illnesses from breathing airborne contaminants when travelling in a car with other people. By using Relax & Breathe in your car, you can help ensure any airborne infectious material that may be exhaled by a fellow traveler will not be able to stay airborne. It will simply fall out of the air, waiting to be removed by routine surface cleaning.

Were you afraid of travelling with other people in a car? Now you’ve help that can significantly reduce the dangers, helping you to finally Relax & Breathe.

Please note, you can still contract an illness by taking the infectious material into your system via another means (eating from contaminated hands, for example), so please do choose your travelling companions wisely.

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