If you have the same experience as most of us you’ll know, aside from being a source of education, most schools can also be described as a place to exchange illnesses. This is due to children’s general lack of health awareness, not taking the appropriate precautions to prevent catching illnesses and the close proximity they share with each other in class. One sick child can infect them all, meaning a healthy child can contract an illness from an unhealthy one and then unwittingly share it among their classmates, all within one normal school day.

As a parent who drives, you are in an even more confined space with your potentially infected child, helping spread any airborne illness to every family member. This make remedial action difficult because rather than needing to treat one child, you suddenly need to treat the whole family, maybe even including yourself. Relax & Breathe helps to prevent this scenario.

Relax & Breathe removes the ability of the air to carry airborne pollutants like germs and viruses. It also clears the air in your car cabin of traffic fumes, industrial smog, fungal spores, pollen, pet hair, dust and other allergens – all things you’d commonly rather avoid. They simply fall out of the air as they enter the treated air space, awaiting removal by a simple surface clean. In doing so, it makes driving healthier, more comfortable and generally a happier experience due to the above and the healthy level of negative ions it releases into the air. You’re more alert, your family are protected from harmful airborne contaminants and bad smells are removed from the air.

Now, for a change, even parents can Relax & Breathe!

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