HEPA Particle Filter

Some cars come with cabin particle / HEPA filters. These vary in effectiveness and can remove contaminants from the air.

They work like a finely woven wire mesh over an open door. They undoubtedly stop contaminants from entering the protected area. However, unless they are regularly cleaned / changed, layer upon layer of obstructed materials builds up on them. Eventually, either they stop air passing through altogether or the air is forced through, carrying some of the toxins previously stopped with it. Often, these filters cannot be cleaned sufficiently for their manufacturers to suggest their reintroduction into the car after removal. As such, new filters then need to be bought and professionals paid to install them. Is it possible to reap the benefits of use without reducing the life of your filter? It is with Relax & Breathe!

By clearing the air in the car cabin of contaminants, it reduces the strain put on the particle / HEPA filter when the cabin’s air distribution system is used in recycle mode. By reducing the airborne contaminants being sucked into the filter, Relax & Breathe extends service intervals and the filter’s life.

By using Relax & Breathe, not only are you helping your health but now you’re helping your HEPA / particle filter, saving yourself money, too.

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