Professional Drivers

Being a professional driver can be a dangerous job. If you work in a built up area like London (within the EU set safety limits for annual air pollutant levels less than 3% of the year) the normal dangers are joined by toxic air, that contributes to a wide range of health complaints, some of which are life threatening. How can Relax & Breathe help you?

Cleaner Air

Relax & Breathe has been laboratory proven to remove even the most difficult to remove contaminants from the air. This means it will greatly help to protect you from:

  • -  traffic fumes;
  • -  industrial fumes (including those linked to your car’s manufacturing process, originating from inside your car);
  • -  contaminants that trigger allergic reaction;
  • -  airborne particulate waste;
  • -  airborne germs and viruses exhaled by your passengers,
  • -  etc.

However, there is another way in which Relax & Breathe will prove to be an invaluable friend.

Electric Smog

Scientific studies have linked the electric fields created by electronics (known as ‘Electric Smog’) to premature tiredness and fatigue. One common feature of modern cars is they have more and more electronics surrounding the cabin. This can cause long journeys to feel even longer. It can also cause the driver to prematurely suffer from reduced attention levels leading to oversights and potentially accidents.

Relax & Breathe directly combats Electric Smog by changing the electric charge in the air to reflect that of nature after a rain shower. The air is lighter and easier to breathe and any unnatural electronic charges in the air are removed. This leaves you, the driver, healthier, happier and more alert to complete your journey safely.

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