Traffic and Industrial Smog

From the time the first person expired from exhaust fume inhalation, it was accepted that traffic fumes are not good for your health. Industrial smog has been a recognised problem even before that. Since then, there have been numerous studies into how the different constituent chemicals in industrial exhaust fumes affect health. It is widely accepted that these fumes lead to all manner of health complaints, from stunted development in children to mentally dull and physically ill adults. How can these problems be avoided?

Regretfully, in our modern society, they can’t. The daily structural infrastructure we depend upon operates on a distribution system that produces industrial and traffic smog. Furthermore, as drivers, we cannot avoid being caught up in unexpected traffic congestion. While our governments are taking steps to reduce these, it will not be overnight. How can we protect ourselves in the meantime?

Relax & Breathe has been laboratory proven to remove even the most difficult to remove contaminants from the air within confined spaces. As such, by using Relax & Breathe, you can ensure you enjoy cleaner, healthier air inside your car cabin, while you wait for your government to clean the air outside of it.

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