Relax & Breathe is manufactured to the highest standard and is covered by a 2-year warranty, protecting you from any risk of inherent product defect. In the slim event that your product has a fault, please follow this check list, where we advise you on the pre-sending checks you should make to prevent mistaken returns. If, after performing these checks, it doesn’t work, we also tell you where to send it to, with your proof of purchase.

Where your unit is faulty under the warranty, we will send you a brand new replacement unit, free of charge. Where your unit has been mistakenly diagnosed, we will return the original to you, at your cost.

Please remember, to qualify under the warranty, you must have treated your Relax & Breathe unit as directed. You must not:

  • -  tamper with it;
  • -  mistreat it;
  • -  allow children to play with it;
  • -  mix it with conductible fluids;
  • -  damage it;
  • -  etc. !

In testing we had Relax & Breathe units working for over 6 years worth of fair use* (* Fair Use: 3 hours of constant use per day, for 365 days of the year). Under these conditions, our testing units were still working well when the 6 years testing period ended. If used correctly, we look forward to you being able to Relax & Breathe, enjoying many years of cleaner air in your car with the related health benefits that come from inhaling significantly less toxins.

Pre-sending checks

  1. Please check our “How it Works” page for full instructions on how to use Relax & Breathe in your car properly.
  2. If, after following the advice given above, your unit still doesn’t work, please mail it to:
  3. P.O. Box 2991
    11 Montpelier Rise
    HA9 8RG

    Remember to include your full name, address and proof of purchase. Failure to provide any of these may complicate your return and replacement being issued.

  4. Always obtain and keep the ‘proof of posting’ receipt issued free of charge from your Post Office counter at your request on their acceptance of your package. This helps you in the event of your product being lost in the post.

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