Who Needs Relax & Breathe?

You need Relax & Breathe if one of the following describes you. Click on the links to discover why.

  • •   Someone with Allergic Rhinitis or Hay fever (reacts to airborne allergens like pollen, dust, etc.)
  • •   Someone with a new car who doesn’t like the scent of industrial adhesive and other chemicals;
  • •   Someone with an older car which has developed an unusual odor;
  • •   Commuters who wish to avoid prematurely destroying their particle filter but still wish to avoid traffic and industrial smog;
  • •   Professional Drivers (Taxi, HGV, Delivery, Courier, etc.) who wish to maintain a safe and pleasant driving environment;
  • •   Someone who car pools or rides with different people in their car on a regular basis;
  • •   Someone with a lowered immune system who wishes to avoid the risk of inhaling airborne illnesses;
  • •   Parents who drive children to school and wish them to avoid harmful traffic fumes, allergens and in-car cross infection between passengers; &
  • •   …. Anyone who values clean air or the benefits of avoiding the airborne toxins commonly found in poor air quality!

Special Interest News

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